Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018

Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018

We live in a constantly changing online world.  The search engine optimization of 2016 is a completely different beast. in 2018 we require Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization.

The need for responsive website design in Jan 2018 requires new thought.

This will change and change again.  However in this post we look at Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018 which will remain important regardless of future change.

Big statement I know. How can I state that these responsive search engine optimization hacks will always be required for your websites?

Because these were valid from the very first date of responsive inception.   In every search engine optimization post you find in your searches these fundamentals will appear.

Lets cut to the chase. Weed out the current trends….which ultimately phase out because everyone jumps on the band wagon. Lets refocus on those techniques which, while perhaps not currently cool or trendy, will always deliver you traffic!

Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018

We know that the majority of web users, and therefore potential customers, are going online via their mobile devices. Gone are the days of desktop domination, gone are the days of laptops being the mobile web solution.

Today our markets are utilising their smartphones and tablets and then the occasional use of desktops and laptops.

5 Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018
Image sourced from Wordstream

As seen in the above image the mobile browsing momentum, in terms of online searches, gained dominance in 2015 and continues.

Mobile Searchers Demand Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization

As the owner of an online business we need to make a smart decision. This decision is to ensure that we have a responsive web design.

A responsive website design means a step ahead for your search engine optimization because it will keep your organic traffic arriving at your site.  We all know that organic traffic is the online equivalent of the Holy Grail!

Search engine optimization teamed with a responsive website design has become a necessity in today’s competitive market. Without a responsive website your online marketing may fall short.  You potentially immediately eliminate over 50% of your target market.

More disappointing, if that is possible after losing 50% of your possible customers, is the bounce factor.

The bounce factor is related to those people that arrive at your site, find it slow loading and then discover they can’t easily read or find what they want.  They leave within seconds.  You lose custom. You lose rank!

Why Bounce Will Burn Your Business


Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization

The above image From Neil Patel about ways to reduce bounce rate should say it all.

Mobile devices and Tablets have massive bounce rates.  Why?  Either your information is not what the customer wants or your site doesn’t respond the way it should.

Is Bounce Your Quality or Responsiveness


responsive website design for search engine optimization

When we look at bounce rates we can quickly determine if those that leave our site is due to the information or the responsiveness.

Looking at the diagram from Mohit Pandey we see that high bounce, high exit is an area for urgent attention.  How do we figure out why people arrive and exit.

This is where you need to look at your Google Analytics.  Specifically look at time spent on your page.

5 Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018

If you have high bounce and quick exit you know you need to sort your responsiveness of website design.

Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks

When many people read this post they will potentially say ” Yes we know..we all know we need responsive website design”  So why, with many bloggers and online business gurus offering the responsive argument do many ignore the advice?

There is a huge amount of published statistics, many still have not responded well to a basic and obvious demand – responsive web design. Yet according to published data the number of small online business owners who still have not yet adapted to mobile friendly websites is around 60%.

Search Engines are increasingly intelligent, they are built for users.  Their sole purpose, apart from their own business building needs, is to cater to the needs of users … the web searchers.

Therefore when our search engines recognise their customers are searching predominantly via mobile devices they will want to deliver to meet customer need.

They will favor the websites which offer responsive design.  Responsive to desktop, laptop, mobile etc.

Search engines will first offer information to users which are search engine optimized for those using mobile and smartphone devices.

responsive website design 2018
think with Google

Responsive Website Design Search Engine Optimization Dynamics

Lets make this simple. When we refer to responsive web design all we mean is a webpage that serves your web users well.  Simple as that. Regardless of the type of device being used the information is delivered quickly and is accessible.

A responsive website page functions perfectly whether being viewed on desktop, a tablet or smartphone. The browser automatically resizes your content display as well as the page size and ultimately provides the best of views for the web user.

5 Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Hacks 2018

Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization

Having a responsive website impacts your organic traffic, page rank and ultimately your business.  Why spend hours optimizing your posts, pages and landing sales pages if your site is unresponsive to the major search engine?

Hack 1 – Improve Site Usability

Google and other search engines judge the value of your website before they offer your information to users.  They do this by looking at the amount of time spent on your page or browsing your site.

When a web user finds it difficult to navigate your website the bounce rate will be high.  Web users move on to other sites quickly.

Having a responsive website enhances user friendliness and enables web users to browse through your content easily.

Responsive website designs offer a better online user experience.

This allows users to engage with your content and therefore means a longer time on your site.

The two vital ranking factors of search engines include the amount of time spent on the page and the consumer experience. Mobile responsive sites are likely to be ranked with better positions in the SERP listing.

The easiest way to ensure truly responsive websites is to choose a theme built for purpose.  Regardless of your platform always take time to research and choose your theme correctly!

Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization Theme Suggestions are:

Avada Responsive Theme
Avada Responsive Theme


Response Responsive Theme
Response Responsive Theme


enfold responsive theme
Enfold Responsive Theme

Responsive Website Search Engine Optimization means easier, and therefore more,social sharing.

Hack 2 – Responsive Social Sharing

Having a responsive web design encourages web users to share your content readily on the social platforms. There are many plugins which will add the sharing social buttons to your site.

More social sharing means more access to your site, your information and your products.

Remember that plugins add weight to your site.  Therefore this can impact your site speed and responsiveness.

Recommended High Speed Responsive Social Sharing

responsive social share
Responsive Social Share



Social Stream Responsive Social Share
Social Stream Responsive Social Share


Key Responsive Website Facts


57% of internet users will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile


Nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device


83% of mobile users say that a seamless experience across all devices is very important


Average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to desktop conversion rates


88% of consumers who search for a type of business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours

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