Online Business Coaching Program

Online Business Coaching Program

Online Business Coaching Program

“This Easy and Extremely Profitable Method Increases Your Monthly Profits  Enormously... Through Running Your Own Online Coaching Program.  Easily Done In Your Own Home!”

...Generate Business Profit So High You Will Put All Conventional Seminars And Webinars To Shame!

How would you like to start making serious online money. Make money like the top online marketing gurus are doing right now?

Are you currently selling your own product or offering your own training or service?  Do you want to make 5 to 10 times more money than you are right now. Do you want to make more money by exerting half the normal effort you would usually expect to put in.

Yes?  Then this online course is for you.

The key to unlocking financial freedom and making an explosive impact to your monthly bottom-line is through DUPLICATION.

online business coaching program

If you have a product you wish to sell - or a skill you wish to offer-  it can be duplicated. So you have struck gold. Your very own online business coaching program goldmine!

This is what the experts, professionals and super affiliates do to grow and boost their revenue and income: they start their own seminar, webinar and coaching program!

"You Should Consider Starting Your Own Online Business Coaching Program Today..."

Whether you know it or not, you have skills that are in demand.   And you can profit, while helping others, and build a second income-stream through teaching that skill!

Making money via an online business coaching program is leveraging a classroom: you make more money teaching a group of students at a go vs. one-on-one arrangements.

This also provides better clients for you to work with - often when people start out they sell their products or service too cheap.  By doing this we think we will make more money, however the problem is we then usually attract the"want it free cheap" customers who do nothing to build a business. They are the customers who consume your time and effort...

"Starting Your Own e-Coaching Program Isn't Easy... But It Is Doable"

If you are in the conventional webinar or seminar business, you need to arrange the premises or timeframe webinars to gather your students, you need to advertise in the local papers or online advertising platforms, you need to hire staff or recruit volunteers, etc etc etc....

Frankly that is just too much effort for one person. Trust me. I tried it...

And even if you work with a group of online marketers, will the paltry profit margin working within a group justify your efforts?

No it won't

And that's exactly why I love to do things "The E-Coaching Way".

online business coaching program

Start An Online Business Coaching Program

Start teaching your passions! 

This training program "E-Coaching Secrets" is an all-in-one home study multimedia course designed for online business owners, professionals, teachers, and coaching superstars in the making.  Learn how to boost your business revenue by one or two,maybe more,  digits - doing nothing more than:

  • Teaching what you love
  • Teach what your are already expert at
  • Run your business from home!
  • Save thousands of dollars on expenses 
  • quit worrying about costs

Here's a quick preview of the initial lessons covered in E-Coaching Secrets:

E-Coaching Explained

eCoaching Success

Discover why webinars are better than offline seminars.

You learn that you have a skill which can be duplicated and shared with other people.  Your skill is  something you can market straight away! Learn the most amazing aspect about the EXPERT concept: you don’t need to know everything; as long as you know 5% of what 95% people don’t know, you are already an EXPERT!

Flash Video, MP3 Audio, And PDF Transcript Included!

Planning Your Virtual Presentation

eCoaching Success• Learn how to craft your core messaging

• Discover the webinar platforms that are easy-to-use and low-cost so you can run a high-profit margin webinars from home!

• Learn the profit making science of how to plan your schedule for your interactive e-seminar!

• Learn how to survey your target audience within 5 minutes!

Flash Video, MP3 Audio, And PDF Transcript Included!

Attract High-End High-Paying Clients

eCoaching Success• Get free leads using a free webinar approach!

• Learn to convert those free leads into ultra high-paying customers!

• Engage other experts and joint venture partners to promote your webinar for you!

• PLUS learn other ways to promote your free webinar to attract a large of prospects!

Flash Video, MP3 Audio, And PDF Transcript Included!

E-Coaching Automation

eCoaching Success

In this module learn how to automate your e-coaching business, and therefore your spin off products, which you can sell from the same content you have created with your online students!

Flash Video, MP3 Audio, And PDF Transcript Included!


... That's Not All!.... You Get Much Much More

Are you ready to raise the bar,put action to effort and start making money online like some of the world's richest marketers?

Whether you want to market double digit dollar or thousand dollar products to your customers - or even higher priced products - let me show you how.

Learn to make voluminous sales on high ticket items,rather than affiliate dollars, and do it all without working your butt off. Seriously this is going to be a life-changing message for you.

“Learn The Truth About High Ticket Marketing...It Will Be Exposed...”

When it comes to selling higher priced products many marketers are confused and mistake 'myths' for truths. Are any of these myths familiar?

MYTH #1: It takes a huge amount of money and effort to create and market my own high end product.

TRUTH: In fact, it takes just as much effort to market a high ticket product as it does to market a low priced product. Sure, you will have to convince better, but this is not necessarily MORE EFFORT.  Did you know that it is possible to start selling high ticket products without creating them? (I show you how in my course 'High Ticket Blueprint'!)

MYTH #2: I need a lot of expertcredibility before I can start selling high ticket products.

TRUTH: Most of the customers who buy high ticket products have never heard of the seller until they read their sales letter. While not all sales are made on first contact, these sellers are smart enough to capture their email address to let their autoresponder do the follow-ups... automatically! I show how this is done in my course too, and it's easy!  Trust me...I show you how

MYTH #3: Not everyone has deep pockets and cannot blow the big money ticket price away!

TRUTH: That's what I call 'scarcity thinking' at work.

With this style of thinking you start believing that the world doesn't have enough money to go around. Wrong....that is bad business thinking.   Did you know at any one point of time there is 1.4 trillion dollars circulating around the world electronically... every single day!

When you sell premium products, you attract... what?

Premium customers! You don't need 100 customers paying you $10 when you can get 10 customers paying you $1000 each!

The eCoaching Business is a step-by-step guide to generating ideas for your high ticket products, how to implement them, and start pocketing in the big cash... while working less!

online business coaching

"WHO Should Invest In E-Coaching Secrets?"

If you're a professional from any of these fields then this course is definitely for you:

  • Internet Marketer
  • Self Improvement
  • Dating
  • Health and Fitness
  • General Business
  • Management
  • Consultation
  • Sports
  • Investors
  • Dance
  • Real Estate

"Are YOU Going To Be The Next E-Coaching Millionaire?"

If the information in this course can help you generate an extra one or two more digits in front of whatever you're making right now... how much do you think this course is worth?

Imagine if you can sell just ONE (and I'm being modest here)...

Yes, just one...

One $1000 product.

That's already 10 times what I intend to price this package for.

Talk about an instant return of investment!

How much do you think I should be selling this for?

In retrospect, consider how much it might COST you if you don't get this today: as you are seeing this page, so are thousands of other people visiting my website. They may very well be competitors in the same business. Are you willing to step up the plate, or forfeit this to your competitor?

But I'm going to bend a bit this time because I want to first prove to you that I'm the real deal. And since you're going to get all the insider scoop on starting your own online coaching program without all the hassles, guesswork, frustration, confusion, and delays...

You're Fully Backed By Our 60 Day Hassle-Free Guarantee!

8 thoughts on “Online Business Coaching Program”

  • Hi Jason,
    Your Online Business Coaching Program looks very interesting.
    I’m retired now and looking for something to occupy my time as well as, hopefully, make some extra income for retirement. Also, I might be able to tailor my field of “expertise” in construction and engineering to webinars.
    What do you think?
    And, do you do recommend live webinars or recorded? Guess I should sign up for your course to find out.

    • Thanks Ed

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.  You most definitely have the expertise that others seek, we all do.  It’s about self belief and being able to impart our knowledge.

      I always prefer live webinars, much more exciting I think -however well designed prerecorded lessons can be great also.  I tend to offer live Webinars when attracting new clientele. That way they can ask questions on the spot while pre recorded is awesome for members as they can replay them again and again as they build thorbisiness while always being able to get in touch personally if and when needed.

  • I was just surfing the web and landed on your site. The e-Coaching Program looks like a great product for those that want to help others succeed online or offline. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for ten years now and thought about teaching people how to make money online the right way. The e-Coaching Program might be just what I need to help others.


    • Thanks Jack

      There’s something exciting and rewarding about teaching, it is my background…and so it’s a passion for me I guess.

      Glad You Enjoyed the post


  • I’m always looking for good information to create extra streams of income. I have often thought about an online coaching business but havent known where to start.

    This program e coaching business sounds very helpful and exciting! I look forward to the content and help.

    I can also honestly say the myths you outlined were verbatim what I had heard and thought about multiple times. This has cleared up some confusion. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Interesting article. It’s amazing how many opportunities there are online. Somebody will do this training and put together an amazing course which will make them a lot of money. I’ve done a few online courses and love doing training in my own time from the comfort of my own home. This looks like a great training product to get started making my own course. I’ll check it out.

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