How To Get Website Traffic And Keep It

How To Get Website Traffic And Keep It

For every online business owner, regardless if new or established, the ambition is to understand how to get website traffic.

We know that traffic means visitors to our website.  Visitors become readers of our content.  Readers of our content become sharers and members.  Each visitor to your site is a potential customer.

Therefore the most important aspect of building your online business is to be able to get website traffic arriving consistently and keep it coming!

I am sure you spend hours developing your content, planning your marketing and ensuring the information you provide is second to none.  The sad truth is if you don’t have traffic to your website, it makes no difference how good your content is. Noone is going to see it!

The good news is there are strategies that can substantially boost your traffic flow.  Some are simple and easy to implement while others require more understanding and expertise.

All are worth considering and implementing!

How to Get Website Traffic and Keep it 2018

Let’s Explore How To Get Website Traffic

Focus On Primary And Long-tail Keywords

We all know that the days of focusing on a single keyword for each post and stuffing it in as many times as possible are over!  While I certainly still advocate having a desired keyword for each post make sure you approach it in a different way.

Do your keyword research as normal – just ensure you aim for a primary and longtail.  For example “Email List” may be my primary key word, while “Email List Building For Beginners” may be my long tail.

Remember Google and the other search engines are much more advanced.  They don’t need, or want, you to use the exact keyword over and over in your post.  In fact you are likely to be penalised if you do!   Make sure your post includes any equivalent terms and phrases related to your keyword and topic.

Set Up Forums On Your Website

If you have an active forum on your website you will quickly begin ranking for all sorts of primary and long-tail keywords. You have an online community of “guest bloggers”

Forums are also a great way for decreasing your site’s bounce rate.  Forums engage people, they build a community and therefore people spend more time on your site.  More time spent on your site tells Google that your visitors are getting what they want.  This will rank you higher and send you more traffic.

Gather A Facebook Group

This is simple.  People love Facebook.  They also love Facebook groups!

So take the time to establish a niche specific group.  This group is where members, with a common interest (niche) can engage with you, ask questions and get support.  This builds your brand and increases your social shares.

Ensure that you take every opportunity to refer your group members to your website.  How to get website traffic? Facebook that’s how!

Super Simple – StumbleUpon

Incredibly simple.  Submit your posts to StumbleUpon. It Works!

Promote To Your Email List

While promoting your content to your email list shouldn’t be the main focus of all your emails it is also worth remembering your list joined you because they are interested in what you produce.

Even if you don’t actively promote your blog posts in your emails just including a link or two can considerably increase traffic, leads, and sales.

Become A HARO Source

Becoming a source and answering a pitch on HARO only take a few minutes.  However these few minutes can result in amazing PR for you and your business as well as high-quality inbound links and referral traffic to your site.

Now that’s exactly how to get website traffic and keep it!

How to get website traffic and keep it - blogging

Build Brilliant Headlines

Your headlines can truly make all the difference.  They are the selection of words that will either get people on the page or not!  This is particularly true when you share posts via social media.

Often the only information a reader has, when they decide to click and open your post, is your headline.  Make it a headline that creates intrigue and cannot be ignored!

Be Part Of The Blogging Community

Being part of a blogging community is simple to do and is a great way to network with other bloggers.  It also allows you to cross promote content with each other and really start driving traffic to your posts and site.

Recommended professional blogging communities are ProBlogger, CopyBlogger and WealthyAffiliate.

Each site is dedicated to the sense of community and cross populating sites with responsive and relevant traffic!

Link To Relevant Posts On Your Blog

As you create your posts, always ensure you link to other posts you have written which your readers may find helpful.

As well as establishing yourself as an expert in the field you are showing the search engines that your site is cohesive and interlinked.  This strategy is amazing for SEO.  It also has the massive benefits of increasing time-on-site, your conversion rates, and referral traffic.

Become A Guest Blogger

Now this does take time…but the benefits are enormous.

Obviously it is only useful if you guest blog on a site which receives decent traffic and also is in the same niche area!

This allows you to cement your expert status, build your brand, get backlinks and send traffic from other sites to yours.

Contribute And Write On A Leading Site

Think of becoming a guest contributor, or regular writer for an authority site.  Don’t expect payment…just be grateful for the huge spurt of traffic coming to your website!

Websites like Huffington Post and Forbes are brilliant examples.  Should you be able to regularly contribute to these sites you not only drive potentially massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website, but you also establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Optimize Existing Posts

Remember to review and revise your older posts.  As you grow into the online marketing world, and as you begin to understand how to get website traffic more, you should spend time quality proofing older posts.

Make sure your posts have unique relevant and click worthy headlines,including keyword titles and URLs.  You will be amazed how much more traffic you’ll get to your website after you refresh and update old content!


The Social Sharing Factor - How To Get Website Traffic And Keep ItRemember Reddit?

Submit all your posts to Reddit.  This still works!  Such an easy and simple way to get more traffic to your site!

Regardless of your views Reddit, or what you have heard, just do it!  Reddit works!

Influence The Influencers!

Use the power of Twitter and it’s Influencers!

When you discuss or quote someone influential in one of your blog posts, be sure to @ mention them in your tweet when you promote your post.  This simple technique could see your post gain momentum and drive huge amounts of traffic to your post.

Maximise On Facebook Links

Again a super simple way to get traffic to your website!

Ensure that you include links back to your website in all the places that Facebook allows.  Most people think that this is usually just your About page.  However you can easily add and retain valid links in each of your photo descriptions, in the comments of your posts (where relevant), and also added in your milestones.

Grow With YouTube

YouTube has the most engaged of all traffic.  This is a massive opportunity.  Set yourself up a YouTube channel and build your business.

Add Links To Images

Always add your keyword, post title and even post URL to your images.  Just imagine how much this will impact your traffic when these images are shared to Pinterest or other visual galleries with your blog and URL embedded!

Share Share Share

Ensure that as soon as you post a new article, you spend a few extra minutes sharing it on your social channels.  This takes little, to no time at all, and can boost your traffic substantially!

how to get website traffic and keep it

Build Connections

Most importantly, build your connections.  Reach out to well known blog owners within the same niche.  Remember every online business owner is looking for more traffic.

Offer guest blog spots on your site in return for the opportunity to do the same.

Find social media groups in your niche and join them.  Invite others to join yours.

The more connections you make, and the more you assist others in building their connections, the more traffic you will generate.

Reach out and work together!

Which strategies do you use to generate visitors to your site?  Which would you recommend to newbies when they seek how to get website traffic?  Share and we will share back!

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  • I need clarification when you say keeping an active forum. Do you mean getting comments on your blog articles on a consistent basis? Also do you have to pay to be a part of problogger and copyblogger or is it a free service? Thank you for your help and your suggestions.

    • Hi Jessie,

      Getting comments on your blog is very important and lead to growing your brand and growing your name as an authority in the niche.  However when I talk about forums I mean forums either on your own, or on others websites.  These can be built via buddypress or other forum builders.  Or alternatively find authority websites with their owen forums and join in the conversations going on.  This will build your own personal nche authority.

      Problogger and Copyblogger have some great free features – however there are aspects that do cost – check them both out.  You’ll get some great ideas and you don’t need to pay for anything unless you determine it’s worth it.

  • I must say this has been probably the most influential post that I have Read since my engagement began 5 months ago with this affiliate network. The article was totally captivating with relevant information, that is so important with the development of a website, from the importance of blogging to building and keeping traffic, utilizing and describes terminology of keywords, brilliant. Probably the most relevant information for me to take back to the platform at this time is building forums. All of the information of the Article for me was very informative, thank you, Jack,

    • Hi Jack,  

      Thank you for your comments!  I am delighted you found the post useful!  Do let me know of your success using these strategies!


  • Hello!
    It’s been a while since I’ve read a decent post on how to bring traffic to your blog! I’m struggling with it for a while now, although I know it’s mostly because I’m not consistent, but I really think that I need to do other stuff like writing in other blogs. However, when it comes to reddit I’ve read that many people that share links to their posts face some kind of penalty and they go down. Isn’t that true?

    • Hi Kate,

      Thanks for your comments.  In regards to Reddit, there are some rules that need to be followed – and they are easy to follow and they make sense to avoid the platform being spammed!  Only post one article per day as you begin.  Make sure it is an informative and helpful post – not a selling post, not a post full of affiliate links.  Reddit is an awesome community and if you engage with others and leave useful comments on their posts you’ll see you Karma scores grow.  Here’s some information about using Reddit!

      Hope it helps!

  • This post really gives a lot of great advice for people that already have they’re own site going on but just need a little push in order to gain a lot more traffic to come to their site, it is always the little things that make a huge difference, anyhow I think this is a great page, it is uniquely set up and it really caught my attention enough for me to take the time to read it. Great job!

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