How To Build A WordPress Website – Phase 2

How To Build A WordPress Website – Phase 2

Welcome back.

If you have gotten this far well done!  If you’ve just arrived at this post then you possibly want to click the following link to Phase 1 – How To Build A WordPress website from scratch!

By now you will have either decided on a keyword rich domain name via Bluehost (or a free siterubrix subdomain).  If you are going with Bluehost then all you need do is click on the next button to continue.

how to build a wordpress website phase 2Now you will need to set up your hosting account so will be requited to provide information such as your name, address, email, etc.

Hot Tip: On this page you will also be offered all sorts of optional extras to purchase. You don’t need them.  To begin I don’t think these are required.  You can always come back and add them later if you decide you want them.

how to build a wordpress website phase 2 hosting extras

Finally you’ll need to add your financial transaction details (credit card information) to finish your purchase.

Woo Hoo!  You now have Hosting!

Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive an email.   In this email you will get all the necessary details of how to login to your web hosting control panel,known as cPanel.

Your cPanel is your web hosting dashboard. You can do pretty much everything you need to do to manage everything for your website from cPanel such as getting support, set up domain specific emails, establish ftp accounts. However in relation to how to build a wordpress website it is from cPanel that you are able to install WordPress.

How To Build A WordPress Website Phase 2

Step 2. Installing WordPress On Your Domain

When you first logon to cPanel you will see dozens of various icons.  They all do amazing and different things.  Over time you’ll probably use them, but for now most can be ignored.

What you want to do first is to find the “website section” in cPanel.  Then find the WordPress icon (symbol) and simply click on it.

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

Now you”be directed to the Bluehost Marketplace Quick Install screen for WordPress. Simply select the ‘Get Started’ button.

You’ll be directed to another screen. Here you will select the domain name that you want to install WordPress on. Choose your recently aqcuired domain from the dropdown menu and click Next.

how to build a wordpress website phase 2 - select your domain

Simply add your preferred website name (it’s probably the same as your domain name but with spaces between words), choose your preferred admin username (this is what each of your articles and posts will be initially be authored as), and a then create a password for your website.

Don’t panic about getting this wrong, you can change them at any time later.

Then go ahead and tick all the checkboxes on your scree, you can even read them…but trust me…you want to check them.

Now go ahead and click on the ‘Install’ button.

how to build a wordpress website - initial set up

How To Build A WordPress Website

Quick Install is now going to install WordPress on your website. Cool huh!

At this time the Quick Install process will show you some possible website themes to install on your website.

You can choose to do this now, or you can skip installing a template as we will go through that process later in this how to build a WordPress website tutorial.

As soon as the WordPress installation is complete you’ll see the following success message.

wordpress install success message

Now click on the ‘Installation Complete’ link.  You will be taken to a new screen where you are able to Login to your WordPress website.

Congratulations! You have built and created your very own WordPress website.

Now head over to your WordPress login page. Your login URL will look like this:

You will login to your new WordPress website using the admin username and password you created earlier.

So easy!

wordpress theme install - how to build a wordpress website

Step 3. Select Your Theme

Your visual appearance and the design element of your WordPress website is determined largely by your choice of WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are templates designed professionally to create visual appeal and give specific characteristics to your website.

Everytime you install WordPress on a website it will automatically come with a basic theme. When you visit your website, then it will most likely have a preselected theme and look like the following:

WordPress Demo Theme - How To Build A WordPress Website

Not overly sexy or appealing huh!?

Do not panic.  There are literally hundreds and thousands of free (and premium – paid for versions) of WordPress themes that you can install.  Read this post if you are interested in gaining a greater idea of best features for website design, particularly responsive websites.

Changing the theme of your WordPress website is simple.  From the WordPress admin dashboard simply click Appearance. Then Themes. Now you’ll be on the themes page – select add new!

changing your theme -how to build a wordpress website

You’ll be directed to a new screen.  Here you will able to choose from literally thousands of WordPress themes. They are able to be sorted by popular, latest, featured, as well as the feature filters (i.e industry, layout, etc).  You can spend hours looking through and choosing themes for your WordPress website.  This is the fun bit.  Be adventurous. Upload as many as you like and trial them.  This is where your website really starts to come to life!

wordpress theme selection - how to build a wordpress website

Once you have decided upon a theme then it’s simple.  Select it in the theme page, click install and then lauch it as your selected theme.

You can return to this phase as many times as you wish. Once you have started adding content to your website then you may find you get a better sense of how each theme compliments, or not, your style of website.  When you look at how to build a WordPress website the choice of theme is often a paramount decision.

If interested in paid themes I have a few which I highly recommend (and which I use).  They are lightweight, responsive and allow full customization.

Avada - How To Build A WordPress WebsiteAvanta Theme is a responsive design and possibly one of the best selling designs of alltime. Click the image above to learn more.

Response - How To Build A WordPress WebsiteResponse is an awesome theme – fast, mobile responsive and is Magneto approved for you ecommerce needs!

Enfold - How To Build A WordPress WebsiteEnfold is another highly rated theme and is Themeforests Top Seller!  It’s beautiful.  Click the image above to learn more.

Theme Installed!

Now that you have installed the theme of your choice, you are able to really make it your own and customize it.

In your WordPress dashboard you will see the Customize link under the Appearance menu.

Kale Pro - How To Build A WordPress Website

Selecting customize will launch the WordPress theme customizer.  The great thing is you will see a live version of your website,and any changes you make will reflect on your site instantly – so you can choose what you like and disregard what you don’t.

Don’t panic if you can’t finalize all theme settings straight away. The customize features will come into their own and be far more useful once you have some content (pages, posts) on your website. In fact some theme features are impossible to view until you have content.

Hey great work team!  You now know how to build a WordPress website.  Over the next few weeks we will add more posts to really ensure your website is awesome!

If you’d like support or to ask any questions please contact me by clicking here…

Watch out for our next post – It’s all about branding, colour, logos and favicons. Neat stuff ! I swear!


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