How To Build A WordPress Website From Scratch

How To Build A WordPress Website From Scratch

The how to build a wordpress website from scratch guide is designed for beginning level online business owners and those new to website development.  More experienced online entrepreneurs will also find this guide useful in terms of ensuring you follow best practice.

The following is an overview of the main website building steps we’ll guide you through.

  • Discover how to search for, find and register your own keyword domain name (and how to get it free!)
  • How to choose the best and most appropriate web hosting
  • Learn how to install the WordPress platform.
  • Choose and instal the best theme to change your website’s design
  • How to create pages and posts in WordPress
  • Ways to customize WordPress with plugins, addons and extensions – truly make your WordPress website unique
  • Resources to aide your WordPress learning
  • How to get further support
  • Extend your WordPress website knowledge to help you build websites with modern and current features

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

How To Build A WordPress Website From Scratch.

The first 3 things needed to build your WordPress website are:

1. A keyword/niche domain name – this will be the name of your new website.
2. Web Hosting – Hosting is where your website files,images and documents are stored and served to visitors.
3. An initial 45 minutes of your undivided attention.


So…Ready To Start?

Usually the first question I get is “How much does a WordPress website cost?”

It’s a great question. Let’s be honest, when we start online we are usually looking to make money not spend it!  The answer varies.  It depends on what type of website you want, what your objectives are and how fast you want to see profit.

You can spend the minimum of around $100 per year or, there’s no maximum, over $30,000 per year.

If you have the money and want it done for you then stop reading now and contact my team.  We can build you a website to your specifications for a fraction of the normal costs.

However if you are here to learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch then it’s best to start small, save money and take charge of your own business.  I will show you the best practice and then how you can add additional features, and cost, to your website only as required and as your business grows.

By following this guide I will help you save money and minimize any potential loss. In business our first initial goal is to avoid any overspend.

This guide “How to build a WordPress website from scratch” will show you the steps to build your business website for less than $100.

You’ll also be shown how you can take it further in future by adding other features.

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

So What Is The Best Platform To Build Your Website?

TAs you know there are literally hundreds of website builders available.  We recommend, unreservedly, using self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress is by far the most popular website platform in the world.

how to build a WordPress website from scratch


Plus WordPress is completely free. It comes with thousands of website themes and plugins. WordPress is extremely flexible and most thirdparty developers ensure they are compatible with WordPress.

Plus – if any recommendation – every website I own is built on WordPress. I have tried others, most of them,and I always return to WordPress. Nothing else on the market compares!

So Let’s Build

How to build a WordPress website from scratch is a full tutorial. It is divided into several steps which will walk you through everything you need to know – start to finish.

All you need do is be open to instruction.  It’s best practice and I promise by the end you will have a professional business website you are proud of!

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

The most common mistake that beginners make is choosing the wrong website platform. But not you!

WordPress is open source. It’s free because you need to have your own domain name and your own hosting.

Your domain name is your website’s address on the internet. It’s the name that people type their serach engine to find you…for example my domain name is

Having a domain name is all good and well, but means nothing without hosting.  Every website online requires web hosting. This will be the way you are found and make money online.  Without hosting you don’t exist!

To get a good keyword domain name typically costs anything from $14.99/year and the associated hosting costs start from $7.99 to much … much … more per month

Seriously… That is a lot of expense for most people who just starting online.

Thankfully I am able to introduce you to Bluehost.  Bluehost is a hosting company who have worked with WordPress since 2005.

Yes, you can find cheaper…but I guarantee you will not find better. If you are starting online then please start smart..not cheap.  You’ll find many webhosts who offer a cheaper deal….but they will not be able to offer the hosting expertize or the true WordPress experience.  With Bluehost you’ll get total freedom to change everything, build a website on your own needs and wishes… cheaper usually means no access to domains or cpanel.  This is massive.

Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world. They are also an official WordPress recommended hosting partner.

Note: At we believe in transparency. If you purchase hosting using the referral link we provide, we do get a small commission (this is at no additional cost to you).

Actually it’s better for you.  If you join via our link you will get a large discount on hosting and you will get a free domain name. To be frank we could get commission recommending thousands of other hosts … however we choose Bluehost because we use Bluehost.  Simple as that.

Heres that Bluehost link again…it’s your passport to a free keyword rich domain and exceptional WordPress website hosting.

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

Let’s Sort Our WordPress Website Domain and Hosting.

First, go to the Bluehost website and then choose the ‘Get Started Now’ button.

This will give you access to the very best, and latest, discounted hosting – as well as offering you a free domain name

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

Now you need to select to the plan that you like and continue to the next step. Personally I always select prime…works out much better financially if you truly intend to build a booming online business.

This now becomes exciting… You will now be asked to select a new domain name.

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

If you want to rate in Google or the other major search engines you should only choose a .com domain name. Make sure that it is related to your business, easy to pronounce and spell, and easy to remember.

Want help determining your domain name you can use the following:  Site Rubrix offers you the chance to find a free subdomain, and it includes free hosting – so if you decide you don’t want the initial cost of a web domain and web hosting then this is a great, and free alternative!


Now you have your hosting and domain….lets continue

To make it easier …rather than the endless scroll through how to build a WordPress website from scratch just click here for phase 2



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