Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features

Website design is a key factor to keeping readers on the page. Keeping people on the page means our message gets read, our posts get shared and we convert “traffic” into regular visitors. Regular visitors are the key success factors when it comes to building mutually beneficial online relationships. We want to give the best online user experience. Here’s how.

The best website designs use these 7 modern features!

It makes no difference if you are brand new to online business or if you have been online for years. To ensure your site attracts traffic and keeps them engaging with your material you need to ensure you use the best website designs. These website designs need to keep up with the latest in modern features.

I know it may seem that every year we see new elements and styles in modern website design emerge. Rather than see it as just design, see it as a way to keep your message fresh.

The best website designs

Let’s Be Honest About The Best Website Designs

For the moment forget you own a website. Think of your own online user experience. You search, click and land on a page. You made a choice and selected the link offered from a search engine. That link you chose because you thought it offered the answer to a question you asked.

You arrive at a website because you are looking for information. What happens if:

  • the page is slow to load?
  • It looks and feels old?
  • the page is unattractive?
  • It looks disorganized and amateurish?
  • the page is unresponsive?
  • the page is hard to navigate?

I bargain that you click back. You leave the site. You don’t even bother to read the content!

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features To Help Get Your Content Read!

Content is king. Perhaps website design and modern features shouldn’t matter. But they do. Why spend hours writing excellent and engaging content if site design sends people away before they even read anything.

Let’s look at the most simple design principle required for success. Your website design.

This is the first impression visitors will have of your site and therefore your only chance to gain initial impact and influence your website visitors. A great looking website means visitors will stay. A page that looks bad means they leave. Before anyone actually bothers to read your post and realizes how awesome your content is they will first make a judgment about your business looks. To maintain visitors on page you need to ensure strategies to best showcase your website designs key elements and features.

What Features And Elements Boost Website Designs?

Some of the best website designs use very specific elements. When incorporated thoughtfully these features help tell your story, explain your message and build your online company. Other modern website design features work to improve how your content renders on varying devices.

To put things in perspective it is absolutely not necessary to include every new trend that appears in the website design environment.

What is important is to use those that impact on your online success. The best website designs use these 7 modern features because they improve your visitor’s experience. Use experience means better business!

We know there are many options to choose from, so we offer the 7 that are actually worth considering. They will help you focus on what’s important when it comes to implementing modern website designs.

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features

1. Make Your Typography Unique And Enlarged

Much of the advice we find online and may rely on when designing our websites give outdated guidance. One example of this is that many design articles will tell you to keep your web fonts simple and standard size.

When we begin our design process we should know and understand the basics of typography. We absolutely should choose a font or typography style which is applied across our site. This ties our website together and makes it look consistent and on-brand.

Not long ago there were limited selections of fonts to choose from. Those that were available were either plain and simple (think Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri). Those which had artistic design often were not responsive, so were unreliable when rendering in certain browsers or on mobile devices.

Things have changed and there a literally thousands of high quality, highly responsive and eye-catching fonts to choose from.

Best Website Designs Use Creative Fonts And TypographyTake advantage of typography. The best website designs use this modern feature to build brand recognition. The use of typography can boost your business through visual cues. By choosing modern brand typography you and your brand can become instantly recognizable. I’m sure you can recognize certain brands purely by their selection and consistent usage of font and typography settings.

Varying typography, used clearly and consistently, is a modern feature and growing design trend across the web.

Creative use of various fonts, for consistent purpose, allows you to guide readers to different parts of your posts. This can be to signal various sections, headings or lead to a sales pitch. Through consistent use of typography your readers instantly recognize your visual sign posting. These sign posts indicate to your visitors where they will always find a certain feature, product, giveaway or related posts.

Building your business brand, is one of the most important elements of online marketing. Branding can be achieved through your choice of typography. It can issue subtle, or not so subtle, hints about who you are. Will your design hint to fun or serious? Do you want to be purely functional or be known as informational?

No font is right or wrong. Just be sure of readability, nothing smaller than font 14 and ensure your website design is consistently applied and is responsive across all browsers and devices (they aren’t all!).

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features

2. Say No To Sliders!

How attached are you to your sliders? Take time to browse online and you will notice that the majority of sites have a slider carousel above the fold. This is where most websites place their important offers or most recent content. It would be safe to assume that incorporating a slider would feature as a component of the best website designs.



When we initiate our website design we have all probably fallen under the spell of the slider! One space which can host several images and several links. Sounds great. But in fact research has shown that very few links are ever actually clicked or followed from our homepage slider feature.

A developer at Notre Dame University focused on slider carousel stats. The findings, as seen in the image below, display numbers of people who clicked on images and/or offers according to their position in the website’s slider. Simple huh? Simple and extremely useful data which provides us valuable information when we consider features of the best website designs.

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features
The findings are incredibly clear. Users are very likely to click the first image or offer. The same users are highly unlikely to follow any other links which may be in other positions within your slider.

Rather than spending hours adding additional offers or slider posts, which yield few results, we should instead capitalize on the excellent data of follow through seen within the first image.

The creative use of this space is number 3 of our 7 modern features of the best website designs.

Call To Action - Best Website Designs Use 7 Modern Features

3. Add A Call To Action To Utilize High Click Zones

You may decide to keep your slider. You may decide to replace it with a single attached offer or image. However, why not consider another feature of our best website designs for growing your business, membership or sales.

We know that sliders do not achieve the results we anticipated. Below 4% of users click through from the second slider on. We also know that there is a high click rate for the first image or link that displays of almost 90%. This should motivate us to ensure we utilize this area fully.

Above the fold - best website designs use these 7 modern features
The area in question is called above the fold. This is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your website. In simple terms it is the area that displays in your device display. So why not take full advantage of 2 modern features of the best website designs.

The Call To Action and Above The Fold.

Call to Actions (CTA) are strategically placed design features which when used well encourage users to take action. The action your visitors take should be a planned step to help you achieve your business goals and which provides your visitor with the information or item they seek.

A Call To Action must be mutually beneficial. You obviously want something when you call your visitors to take action, for example, collect email addresses, sell a product, gain a member etc.

However, your call to action must give your visitor something of value and something they want. This may be a free download, a discount coupon or quality information.

In most cases your CTA is likely linked with growing your online business and making profit. In this case you want your website visitors to purchase something or to make direct contact. Actions which impact your bottom line and are known as macro conversions.

You will also probably make use of other modern features of online business building. In business these are the planned smaller steps and actions which will help gain your visitors trust, grow your reputation and grow your return users.

These CTA range from Facebook shares, following your social media accounts, downloading a free resource or signing up for your newsletter. In business these are known as micro conversions.

By adding a Call To Action to your website’s Above The Fold space means you proactively use the most valuable real estate on your site in the most strategic way – to grow your business.

Best Website Designs Use 7 Modern Features - Large Home Page Images

4. Best Website Designs Have Large Home Page Images

Website design features are all about user experience and ensuring your website is a place where people want to spend time!

It makes sense then that when designing your website you give thought to placement of images. The reason is simple. Images offer more aesthetic appeal. Creative and thoughtful placement of large attractive and relevant home page images draw the attention of your users and then encourage them to continue down the page.

As you plan your website homepage aim to create a style similar to a picture book. Large pictorial elements emphasized by clear and concise text.

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features 2018

Do not be distracted by outdated themes or web design. The best website designs use these modern features to grow customers and online success. Don’t be tempted to expand on all your homepage features or services. You will have a section, a post or a page on another area of your site where you can explain in as much depth as you like.

The best website designs use their homepage to give visitors an overview of the entire site. They do this by building a mainly visual imagery display with text limited to short succinct key messaging.

Pictures speak a thousand words. Your homepage text should not. Keep text focused on your main headlines and required text excerpts.

Choose your images wisely. They should be relevant to the area of your site they link to. Use your images to convey your niche or the category associated with this part of your site.

Use your text to intrigue. You want to tease your reader. Use just enough text to arouse your readers curiosity. When your reader wants to know more they will click through to get the rest of your information and stay on your site longer.

Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features Search Engine Optimization

5. Search Engine Optimization Remains Vital!

In this article, the best website designs use these 7 modern features, we must discuss search engine optimization. Ensuring you optimize your site for search engines is as modern and relevant as ever. SEO is key to your success.

As you use SEO effectively you are fine-tuning your writing and adding structural markers. Doing this enables search engines to find your markers and understand what your post is about. It also allows those seeking this kind of knowledge to find your website and access your information. Through carefully managing your SEO strategy you will start to attract traffic and building a business.

The better your SEO, the better ranking you will receive.

SEO the best website designs use these 7 modern features
The best website designs use these 7 modern features of Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Crawlable and accessible URL’s – ensure Google bot spiders can come to the page and understand your content and any images or videos.
  2. Keyword research based on what customers are searching for and then use SERP to test these keywords. You’ll soon see those, and others, that Google thinks are relevant.
  3. Create compelling content. Don’t skimp on this step. Your information needs to answer your customers needs and the advice you give must be better than any
  4. Place keywords, and variations of the keywords, strategically – in the URL, Post Title, a heading in your post, opening paragraph and closing paragraph, in image ALT text and then only where they make grammatical sense.
  5. Optimize the page to load as fast as possible.
  6. Enable social shares and social interaction to enable wide distribution of your content.
  7. Link anchor text to other relevant pages within your site.

Best Websites Designs Use These 7 Modern Features - Responsive Design

6. Go Responsive Or Go Home!

Browsing and viewing trends are always changing. The one constant we can be assured of is the growing rate of mobile devices being used to search the web. The use of mobile devices for internet search is now well beyond that of desktops.

So why are there so many non-responsive web designs still being used? 46% of people using mobile devices to search the web have reported problems when viewing a static site.

Don’t be one of those website owners losing a possible 50% of their customers due to poor website design.

If your website isn’t responsive visitors browsing on mobile and tablet devices are unable to view your website. The site becomes almost impossible to navigate. Potential customers leave and do not return. You not only lose the customer that day, you also lose any return business.

Number 6 in our line up of the best website designs modern features is responsiveness. Responsive website design allows 100% of traffic arriving to your site to have the same ease of experience. Ease of experience means continued browsing. Browsing leads to sharing of your content, email sign ups and sales.

Boost Your Business - Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features

7. Build Your Brand And Boost Your Business

Developing a thriving online business is about standing out and being unique. No matter what your website is focused on you want to ensure that your message is seen. One of the most important features of website design is the way you tie all the content and features together. This is your brand.

Spend some time looking at the online presence of successful companies. What is the first thing you notice? the page is usually their style, their colors, their logo etc. As soon as you arrive on the site you know it. You instantly recognize their branding. Many businesses can be instantly recognized simply through the typography used.

These features of the best website designs are used to create a known visual presence. It makes a business unique.

So what makes your brand stand out? Your website is your online service directory, catalog and messaging platform. All forms of marketing should use branding guidelines. Consistency of brand is a leading way to boost your business.

Each design element on your site should flow and portray a consistent messaging style.

There you have it! The best website designs use these modern features. Is yours one of them?

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10 thoughts on “Best Website Designs Use These 7 Modern Features”

  • Nice article and tips. Website design has definitely gotten a whole lot easier in the last 10 years. When I studied it 10 years ago, it was all about the coding and honestly, it was really hard to make a site pleasing to the eye. Nowadays, with wordpress and the countless other ways to create a site we are really spoilt!
    Thanks for your tips:)

  • Thanks for the insight on website design.

    I’ve had issues with the lack of fonts in my theme on my website so I added a plugin which gave me what I wanted.
    If a theme is lacking a feature do you recommend keeping it and adding plugins to fill the gap or should I go for a theme with the features I require included?

    I’m thinking in terms of page load. Will having too many additional plugins affect my page load?

    Also, you’ve mentioned about having a large homepage image. My homepage is my blog page and the image is dependant on the post. What would you suggest I do to get around this issue?


    • Hi Jackie

      If your homepage is your blogroll then as long as you are using a featured image you will always have a large and interesting focal point.   In relation to plugins – it is hard to say how many is too many. Some have very little impact on page speed and in fact can enhance loading times (cache, image optimization etc) – so therefore you can have many of these, while others, even 1 or 2 can be hugely heavy and delay page load.

      Just ensure that you regularly test your loading speeds.  I also recommend themes which are designed to include features such as fonts – regardless of adding plugins many free themes and plugins are clumsily built and have poor coding.

      My preference is to use a lightweight premium theme – best $30-50 investment ever. I tend to use themes from themeforest which you can access here


  • Great tips, thank you! I knew about SEO and have been doing that but you mention SERPS — what is this? I am seeing this phrase more often now. I also didnt know about the importance of typography. Im guilty of boring type myself, but will now correct that. Im happy in finding out that Im not the only one who dislikes sliders! I didnt put them on my page because I dont like finding them on other people’s pages. I guess if we assess our own likes and dislikes honestly, we can be more responsive to what other people will like.

    • Hi Doug

      SERPs -Search Engine Results Pages – when you type in your keyword or search term the SERPs are what is fed back to you – what they search engines believe you were searching for

      Hope this helps

  • Great article on website design, there is a lot to it. however you have laid out a pretty good approach here.

    I am new to building websites for affiliate marketing purposes so I have found this very educational. Although I do have one thing that maybe you could clear up for me.
    I am a bit confused when you say “the Fold”. Can you better explain what the fold is?

    • Hi Brendon,

      Thanks for your comments. In relation to the fold – the fold is the part of the website which is seen when first loaded.  So when someone arrives at your site – all the aspects of your website, which are seen without having to scroll or click, are referred to as above the fold. I imagine the term is a reference to newspapers – when folded the most eye catching headlines were placed above the fold to entice readers and to make sales!  The same is important for your website – get the eye catching headlines clearly viewed to encourage viewers to take action and read more.

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