Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training (2018 Guide)

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training (2018 Guide)

Probably the number one question I am asked when talking about establishing an online business is What’s the best free affiliate marketing training 2018.

The answer, to me, is simple

2018 Guide To the best free affiliate marketing training.

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training 2018.

When you browse the internet you will come across hundreds of sites recommending programs to help you make money online! The issue that we face is determining the genuine from the scams! How do we choose? Which can we trust?

Let me help with that! I will show you the best free affiliate marketing training available in 2018!

Why Trust Me?

Because the program I am about to introduce you to is the program I started with! And the program I still use! As I guarantee – I only recommend programs that I use and that I know works!

If you want proof that I belong to and use this program – simply click here and visit my profile page.

What Makes This The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training?

When you start affiliate marketing online there are 2 broad methodologies. Most training programs available only focus on 1. The best news with my recommended training is that you get free training for both types of affiliate marketing.

The 2 types of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Specific Affiliate Marketing – this is where you focus on promoting a specific platform, product or brand e.g. Amazon marketing
  2. Niche Affiliate Marketing – this type of marketing offers you a greater product base but with a more narrowly defined niche e.g. Natural Health

That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate. It is my number 1 recommended affiliate marketing program..

Are you new to the online marketing world? Or are you are still trying to determine the focus of your online business? Do you want to learn the exact steps to establish a successful affiliate marketing business? If so then there is simply no better platform or system than Wealthy Affiliate!

The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training 2018 – Wealthy Affiliate

When you join the Wealthy Affiliate platform (join as a free member!) the first thing you will see is the training design. Each affiliate marketing program is designed in such a way that, whether you have any kind of any pre-existing knowledge or not, you will be learning the most current and relevant marketing methods.

Wealthy Affiliate thoroughly covers all the information you need and is delivered in a series of ‘step by step’ lessons.

Your FREE membership provides instant access to 2 training programs. One is for specific affiliate marketing and the other for establishing a niche affiliate marketing business or businesses.

Both of the training course series provide huge variety of written and video tutorials. All you need do is follow the lessons and implement the steps explained. Do this and you will soon see your affiliate marketing business begin to boom.

Throughout your affiliate marketing training the lessons are perfectly structured. They will guide you initially on how to determine the niche for your online business. You will be guided through the required steps of how to set up your website. In fact, you’ll have your first website established within 60 seconds! Truly!

You will then be guided in terms of how to write site specific content to generate affiliate business. Learn how to research keywords which drives traffic (visitors) to your website while discovering the importance of social media … and much more.

best free affiliate marketing training 2018 wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate 2018 – The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Program

As I explained earlier Wealthy Affiliate is the online platform that I started my business with back n 2014. And I happily still belong. The Wealthy Affiliate program was my first introduction to a genuine affiliate marketing training community.

Previously I had wasted so much money online. I had joined all sorts of online business programs that turned out to be nothing but false promises or total scams. I know how easy it is to be sucked into some programs online. They offer promises of showing people how to build successful businesses online, how to make money and how to get-rich-quick!

The reality is… they were absolutely designed for people to get-rich-quick….

Other people. Not me. Not you.

I was at the point walking away and forgetting my dreams of making money online. Thankfully, and luckily, I found Wealthy Affiliate!

I now own and run a number of successful affiliate marketing websites, several niche marketing websites and I make money online! Great money!

Don’t believe any of the stories that you hear about affiliate marketing being dead. It still is a very lucrative method to work from home and generate a great income. You just need to know the methods that are relevant for affiliate marketing in 2018!

Wealthy Affiliate is the best free affiliate marketing training program 2018 guaranteed!

Because it works!

best free affiliate marketing training 2018

Get Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training At Wealthy Affiliate.

First Option! The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

As soon as you register as a new free member of the Wealthy Affiliate community you gain instant access to the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. You’ll see the green “Get Started Here” button in the left-hand menu!

best free affiliate marketing training 2018

The affiliate training you receive has 5 step by step progressive level stages. Each training level includes 10 specific lessons and within that you get more than 170 different mini tasks to complete and help build your business. Once you complete each of these tasks you will see that you are well on your way to success. With this training you are creating your own profitable niche affiliate marketing business.

In the Online Entrepreneur Certification course you will discover that it is both perfect for those who are venturing into the online business world and for the professional and more experienced marketer. Each level explains in huge detail how to successfully establish the best affiliate marketing business in 2018.

If you already have a specific niche you want to target i.e. natural remedies, online gaming machines, etc then this training program is perfect for you!

Don’t be put off if you are unsure of your niche. The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is perfect for budding affiliate marketers who know they want build a niche marketing business but are still unsure of the exact niche to choose.

In the initial lessons of this affiliate marketing training you will be guided in the steps you need to follow to decide your perfect niche for your perfect business!

Second Option! Affiliate Bootcamp @ Wealthy Affiliate

The Affiliate Bootcamp at Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome example of specific free affiliate marketing training. This training course is perfect if you are new to affiliate marketing. The Affiliate Bootcamp will guide you through step by step video based training. You will initially learn how to build a successful specific affiliate marketing brand through promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

This is then completely replicateable – so offers you the opportunity to build as many specific affiliate marketing websites and businesses as you wish. Amazing!

best affiliate marketing training 2018

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp consists of 7 levels of training. Each level has up to 10 lessons and includes well over 200 different sub tasks to complete.

Affiliate Bootcamp offers you the best free affiliate marketing training available. Just think about it. Once you have completed and mastered the training enabling you to promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform you not only have consistent recurring income but you can use the exact same training to promote any other online platform you want to choose – Amazon, EBay, AliExpress etc.

Just look at the recurring income you could make by promoting Wealthy Affiliate

best free affiliate marketing training 2018 wealthy affiliateBest Free Affiliate Marketing Training 2018 Benefits

Benefit 1: Live Video Classes

Members can access the weekly live webinars and video training classes which cover the most current affiliate marketing topics and methodology. These are designed specifically to help you move your business to more success. And don’t worry if you are not available when live web classes are held you can access them anytime in the ‘live training’ section of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Watch them and implement the training anywhere and at anytime you wish.

Benefit 2: Both Text Based and Video Based Training

One of the major benefits you find when you join the Wealthy Affiliate community is the instant access to community training. Many members of Wealthy Affiliate are highly successful and experienced affiliate marketers who make a full time income online.

These people are constantly creating additional written and video based training on many subjects. All of this training is available to you and is provided in addition to the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Awesome huh?!

What’s also awesome… You will also get instant access to all my training and the ability to message and communicate with me personally. LOL, joking about awesomeness aside I am serious. If you join Wealthy Affiliate you have my personal guarantee that I will mentor and guide you personally as you build your business.

Want an example of one of my affiliate marketing training guides which you will gain access to. Click here to view Make More Money With Your Blog – Drop Shipping

best free affiliate marketing training 2018 wealthy affiliate

Benefit 3: 24/7 Community Based Support

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you get 24/7 support from the entire community. If you have a problem, a question or an urgent issue you can access round the clock support.

You can ask a question in the forums, you can direct message others and you can engage in the live chat.

live chat support - best free affiliate marketing training

No matter what support you need, you will get instant help and expert advice, no matter which Time Zone you live in…

Benefit 4: 24-7 Technical Site Support

With your membership you get access to the Wealthy Affiliate Site Support. This means access to an expert team who are constantly working behind the scenes to keep your site online and operating.

If you ever need them the Site Support team will promptly reply to you regarding all technical queries you may have. Instantly rectify all cpanel, ftp, email, database or any other technical problems you experience.

It Is Time To Get Started!

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training 2018 – Wealthy Affiliate

If, or should I say when, you join Wealthy Affiliate please message me. I truly want to see you succeed and I very much want to see your business boom.

If you are still uncertain, if want to know anything further, or if I can offer any other advice please leave a message in the comments’ area below. I will respond and answer.

To your success!

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